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Our logos & mascots create a distinct identity for your brand and drives customer interest.

We believe ‘less is more’ which is why our minimalist logos help distil your personal/brand identity to its purest form. We help carve your unique identity and cohesively extend it across your websites, business cards, brochures and other communication assets.

A mascot is a great way for your audience/users to form a memorable association with your brand/book/persona. Great for product branding, packaging, book chapters and assorted creatives.


Bored with traditional text heavy brochures & flyers? Go for unique & fun , visually stunning brand collaterals to get the message across. (Bookmarks/Infographics/Brochures/

Flyers/Chair-drops and more)


Our creatives for your brand’s social media pages will fire up your digital game and make your followers stop scrolling and take notice.


Our Quirky, Whacky, Fun covers will ensure that your books stand out from the crowd. Plus, you get the freedom to work closely with us for a custom made design and not be forced to accept the limited choices your publisher may provide.

Alternatively, if you're looking for a crisp read or a fun takeaway for your workshops, presentations or talks, a small booklet could do the trick. These also work great as teasers/beta versions for your upcoming books or sessions and help you gauge audience response/feedback.

Cartoons are extremely helpful in adding visual/comic relief to chapters to keep the reader engaged, if your topics are heavy and the subject matter is serious.

Or if you’re writing for children, then adding colorful & fun illustrations are a must to keep the little ones engrossed in your narrative.


A mini comic story or an illustrated guide will work wonders and grab your audience attention for orientation mailers, policy mandates, educational workbooks instructional manuals and more.