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Cover design and a bunch of cartoons for Pravin Shekar's new book, that helps aspiring speakers to up their game and turn pro. Search the ebook on Amazon Kindle and download it free for the first week.


Our latest commissioned bespoke wedding invitation for the lovely GRSA family.

The ask was interesting: 
1) A Pillaiyar logo corporating the letters GRSA (the initials of the 4 family members) and a peacock feather motif, both of which would be used on the invitations, the bakshanam(snack) box and the thamboolam(return gift) bag.
2) The wedding cards to be designed to fit into a novel pouch which can be reused by the guests (as demonstrated in the video)

The very theme of the wedding was about being ecofriendly and supporting the less fortunate. The hosts insisted that all guests donate to charities present at the venue instead of giving gifts or cash to the couple. All the saapadu elais (banana leaves) were cleaned and fed to cows by an NGO. 

The wedding cards also carried all credits for the entire crew, which was a thoughtful gesture by the host to ensure that due recognition and referrals are enabled for the team that worked to make the event a great success.


Our first goodie bag merchandise giveaway!!!

Custom fridge magnets for 'ComeDanceWithUs' filmy folk dance workshop edition 2  at Wandering Artist, Chennai

If you were a participant at the workshop, do send us pix once this is added to your fridge magnet family.

If you're looking for customised merchandising goodies to add some extra mojo to your business/events, we'd love to connect with you! Mail

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