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Arun Ramkumar

Cartoonist. Designer. Minimalist.

He uses the medium of cartoons & minimalist designs to express his wicked worldview hoping to elicit a chuckle or a gasp from his audience.

An awkward fellow of dubious skills, none of which include successfully coping with daily life.


Sushmita Viswanathan

Artist. Designer. Art Tutor.

She straddles both traditional & digital mediums of creative expression and lends some much needed organic warmth to the digital landscape. At her best when merrily dabbing blobs of messy paint onto canvas and helping others experience the joy of art.


Nandhini Ramkumar

Writer. Designer. Brand builder. Calligrapher.

While these are some of the roles she has played dabbling in advertising and journalism, her biggest strength lies in keeping it simple.

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