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Our personalized invitations will ensure that your guests save the date for your big day. A three course wedding with the right mix of traditional and modern elements – a fun, colourful illustrated makes a bang. Want to let your guests in on the back story? A fun comic strip gets the job done just right!

Planning a Big Fat Blockbuster Wedding? Make a splash with a filmy poster!

Showcase the couple’s persona, hobbies & fantasies through personbalized caricature avtar invites. Keep it classy & elegant with a minimalist vibe or evoke some good ol’ nostalgia with some retro styled elements.

How about a handy event guide + ready reckoner for your guests, placed with a goody basket at their hotel room?

A little bit of creative clarity amidst all the chaos and confusion…make sure your guests have all the boxes checked.


Ayush-homams? Birthday party? Arubatham kalyanams? Retirement party?

Add some pizzazz to your party

with our cool personalized invites! 

Mulling over what gift to buy for Proposals, Anniversaries, Weddings,

Birthdays, Reunions or Farewells? 

Our personalized framed art & postcards could earn you a ton of brownie points! 


Adorn your home entrance with a classy nameboard and sweep your guests off their feet. Also works as cool name boards

for your children’s rooms.

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